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Sunday, December 4, 2016


When Susan invited me to submit for this exhibit a year or so ago, there was hope that the exhibit would coincide with the inauguration of the first woman president of the USA.
This was my first version of the Anne Bynum story.

 Anne Bynum was a victim in a bastion of misogyny in a backward community in a reactionary state, Arkansas. She is serving six years in prison for her attempt to force a premature birth.

Once the nominations by the political parties were made, it seemed certain that this exhibit would expose the outliers in this great nation. It would be about travesties against women in the pockets of tyranny and ignorance in the fabric of our nation. With our first woman president and a more compassionate administration, real progress was possible to heal our society.

That has changed. The USA has elected a spoiled little white boy for President. Women are under siege anew. Racism is embraced by our president elect. The whole world is under threat. Hate and fear are the ruling force in the new USA administration. 


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