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Thursday, August 17, 2017


I have a lot of postcards of various paintings over the years. Lately I have invested in 100 postcard stamps, using the postcards to advise the current President.   Here is some of the texts I have sent with this image.

SELF PORTRAIT, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16

2017-8-24, Dear President Dunce Trump,
 I learned to write limericks feeding the beast,
 But you show no interest in doing your job.
 You’re conducting your duties without even your least,
 Cultivating the desperate and pandering to the mob.

2017-8-23, Dear Pres. Dummy,
 Your Rah-Rah in Arizona last night,
 Demonstrates, illustrates Your spoiled brat rights.
 I can’t continue to watch your political show.
 It’s worse than even that TV low.

.2017-8-23, Dear Prez.,
 What a Funny! To see the photo of you gazing up.
 Like stupid made visible for all to see.
 “I’m above the law, all laws,” You believe
 The sun’s light could damage others but “Not Me!”
 Ha, ha, ha – funny! 

"2017-8-22, Dear Pres. D. Jumpy Trump,

 Instinct for the jugular

 Is not as useful as a well-developed mind.

  Your short-term gains of money or power,

 Precedes your ridicule by All, in due time."

"2017-8-21 Eclipse Day, Dear Pres. Trumpilump,
 You speak tonight for serious Afghanistan stomping. 
Wall street Loves mass death and dumping.
 Can you control your ego magnification, 
When speaking to All the nation?" 

"2017-8-20 Dear Pres. Dumpy Trumpy-poo,

 Courage is counted first among virtues,

 But this quality you lack.

 Bully bluster is your substitute,

 But won’t save you from being sacked."

 "2017-8-19 Dear Pres. Bozo Trump
 The news holds no power to cheer me up.
 U.S.A. Leader in the White House is a putz.
 No class, no style, much less wit. 
But the lack of courage is the sorriest bit."

  " 2017-8-19 Dear Doofus De-Trump, 
You must thank the great Kwakiutl
For teaching his people to bathe everyday,
 Making his faithful’s immunities nil, 
Thus your ancestor’s habitual filth could kill."

"2017-8-18 Dear President 45,
 Your good fortune is a gift from others,
 Family built your distorted cushion,
 Luck handed thus by forebears smothers,
 And deluded you into a fool of the Russians."

 " 2017-8-17 Dear Dooby Prez.
 Don’t confuse your instinct for the jugular 
with ability or wit. 
You might discover a true mirror that shows
 your profound character debit.

Then I have used this image for some.
DAYDREAM, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36"
" 2017-8-16 Dear Prez. of USA, 
We humans forget the fragility that’s ours,
 Building supports for malleable constitutions.
 You are a threat
 So Jesus wept
 Over Trump’s predator institutions."

2017-8-15 Dear Prez. Trumpkins,
 You play the racist rule
 To manipulate troubled fools
 Who willingly kneel, 
To some superior feel
 In your polluting pool.
 Ha, ha, you big Joker!"

This is another image I have used on postcards to the current Leader. 

SEARCH FOR A METHOD, acrylic on canvas, 30" x 30"
 "2017-8-5 Dear Prez. Doofus, (Trumpy, Trumpy, Frumpy) 
What a mess
 with you in charge.
 A cruel joke on us
 Looming Large.

2017-8-4 Dear Prez. Trumpy,
 Poor Mussolini and so sad Hitler’s end.
 But none so cursed
 pitied by future Earthlings,
 As You, the Grand Greed Goofling.

"2017-8-3 Dear Mr. President
 Human beings write histories,
 Prez. Trumpy in the midst.
 Future parents will warn their progeny,
 BEWARE! You could end like this!
(pointing at your image)

" 2017-8-2 Dear President Doofus Thrumpy,
 Is getting massive jumpy.
 No More family love, No more ties that bind.
 Immigration only for fees and money."
 " 2017-8-1, There once was a President Buffoon,
 Who danced to a Russian tune.
 He tried to eat money, dipped in raw honey
 but choked by the light of the moon.
 Dear Mr. President, A limerick for you! "

Poetry is difficult!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


It is easy to find photographs and news about Monarch butterflies. So my story paintings have Monarchs. Such drama queens. That magnificent migration across the continent and flying in herds.
 This painting has a golden cheek warbler, too. It is a very small bird. 
So I made the golden cheek warbler tiny and one big Monarch. The painting below has my Gran'ma Hickerson in the lower right corner. That painting is in a gallery in New York City, right now.

The gallery is in Chelsea on 27th street in a gallery building. My painting is dwarfed by others in the exhibit.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


It's done. Now I am working on the frame. I think I will put some bees and flowers around the edge.