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Sunday, March 29, 2015


ART & FEAR by Bayles and Orland gives quite good information about being an artist in our culture. Brass tacks, down to Earth observations gives insight into the scarcity of art in this current USA dominated world. Liana Thomchesson recommended this book to me.

So-o-o I am going through my mother's papers, possessions stored away, abandoned some 16 years ago. She died only a year ago but these are the things left in her mobile home. Whatever madness she had, it danced. In her letters and remnants. In magazines full of pasted card, photographs and letters.
photo by Rick Patrick

photo by Rick Patrick
And Bayles and Orland say there have been cultures without wheels, windmills or computers but there has never been a culture without art. Mom couldn't keep accounts or fit into our culture. But she did make ART. 

Monday, March 16, 2015


I am bringing home portable painted objects from my mother's mobile home. Last Saturday, 3/14/15 on the first anniversary of Geraldine's death, I discovered another artwork, painted on both sides. It is about (h) 24" x 14", acrylic on composition board.

Front side

On the reverse

Thursday, March 12, 2015


My brother, Riley, and I went to Mom's mobile home. We started a clean-up and removing portable artworks.

Mobile home in the woods
Some of the pieces are furniture.

kitchen chair

chest of drawers

kitchen table

Some are paintings on stretched canvas. The canvas is in good shape in some places, rotting in other places. It is impressive how well the painted pieces stand-up to the years of abandonment, damp, and critters.

Scene from Amsterdam, acrylic on canvas

bedroom curtain and wall

This curtain is painted on both sides! I was so startled when I took it down to find an oriental design on the inside.

I'm going back for more this coming week-end. I'm planning on getting a professional photographer to document this piece of "visionary art" before the sale of the property goes through.