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Thursday, November 30, 2017


The painting AGATHA will be in city hall this year!! HOORAY! It will be out in a peculiar place where the uninitiated might notice! I am so pleased, honored, thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!  That is a big honey bee in the lower right, about 11" x 14". The century plant is only 60" tall in the painting but it was done from a real plant 42 feet (yes, Feet) tall. 


Dear Melanie,

On behalf of the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, I am pleased to inform you that your artwork, listed below, has been selected for the 2018,  14th annual People’s Gallery Exhibition at Austin City Hall...."  


Layers and layers of paint, built up like building a house. Giclees don't match. Paint is transparent, layered, goopy and slopped on a surface.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Changing a painting is also figuring out what it is all about. Painting from the inside out can be painting out of that big mystery that is inside oneself. But fun. This Strutting Grackle needed a smile, I felt, then a dolphin, I felt.

 Now I look at it and "Oh! It's about this administration stomping on the environment or the world or like that!"

I'm still fussing with it but it is ALMOST done, cooked, resolved. 

Okay! Got It.... The PRESIDENT AND HIS 
CABINET. Love it~