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Tuesday, February 14, 2023



This image by Banksy is perfect for Valentine's Day because it does not imply expectations. Just giving, hope, love all the good. Then when I think of Banksy and his gifts I think of Shepard Fairey and his attack on my painted cow, Flowerida.

The local TV station interviewed me about the desecration of my cow that was sold at an auction with Jay Leno officiating to raise money for the children's hospital. Flowerida sold for $20,000!!! I removed the graffitti before the sale. I told the TV interviewer how proud I was to be chosen for attack from the great Shepard Fairey. They edited it. I wasn't supposed to be appreciative of the honor. When I watched my interview on TV I was surprised at how drastically they were changed the meaning of what I said. Clever editing can do a lot!!


Saturday, February 11, 2023


The scariest thing in the world for an artist. A BLANK CANVAS! There are a lot of drawings piled up and ideas like the tide coming in.. Choose! Choose! That's next.



Thursday, February 9, 2023


 The appearance of this page is like Blogspot used to be. Now that I am a guest, I get the pretty  and easy look to this page with more choices and icons. As a guest on this blog which is attached to an email address I no longer have access to (except temporarily) Tah-dah!

 I do like to draw before I paint.Here's the drawing and then some of the process for the donation to the MexicArte Museum.


This painting I name THE MIRACLE.


An alarming statistic states that 50% of the biomass of insects on this planet has been lost, wiped out, killed since 1970. LOST! That's not so long ago. Once in the 1980's the magnificent annual monarch butterfly migration came through my yard. They were crashing into trees. A soft sound of hundreds of thousands of butterfly wings was accompanied by the fluttering of the sunlight. Now the monarch butterfly has been added to the ENDANGERED species list!! Only 10% or less of their population survives. This bug may disappear soon if we, humans, don't clean up our act. Other nifty, useful and besides beautiful bugs may disappear too. My guess is that many have already.