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Sunday, October 15, 2017


I just read about Chinati Weekend in Marfa  on the GLASSTIRE website. This year, 2017, October 6-8. One of the critics commented that her first visit to Marfa was for a whole week which was a bit much, especially for a first visit. She drives from Dallas the long way and it takes 10 hours to get there. I just cannot get excited about Marfa and minimalism in the desert. Four years of my childhood (plus another 3 years here and there in my life) in that high desert cured me. Yes, when the desert blooms (once every seven years or so) it is beyond words or photographs or anything other than experience. The stars at night in that black sky are magnificent. But like the critic said, a week out there is a bit much.

Monday, October 9, 2017


It is made of cement. Not big. About 2 feet tall and length of 4 feet or so. My great campus manager, Linda Haywood, wants to put one on campus. There are committees, forms and permissions to get for the project. I've started sketches and ideas. My first idea was just about an abstract ground for the engine. Rainbow colors dancing.

 Linda has made some GOOD suggestions. Collaboration can be powerful. She bought one of my paintings years ago called BREAKING WALLS. 
BREAKING WALLS, 2006, 20" x 16"

She thought I could use some of that idea. I think I can put it on the front. Change the rainbow. Linda also suggested travel stickers to suggest going places for the students.

I think I could suggest motion. so the idea is evolving. Linda also suggested education instruments like formulae and beakers. Those can be added. The "canvas" is about 12 feet by two feet so there is room.

I haven't seen the object yet. Just photographs. I need more measurements to do a good maquette.