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Saturday, March 12, 2016

HANDS 1995

This painting was rolled, wrapped and labeled "Hands". I searched slides and records and found nothing. Oh yeah, I remember painting this! Geez! Practice, practice practice. This painting measures (h) 38" x (w) 48". And - Another lesson in art storage is DO NOT USE PLASTIC SUPER DUPER STRONG PACKING TAPE!! It is very hard to cut, to open without damaging the art work. I had heard that but ignored it because of convenience? I don't know why. I'm careful sporadically.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


In early 90's, I did some cubistic experiments. I found one, today. Something about this painting. It looks just like Eve, somehow. "Quebec Dream" is written on the back of the canvas. I wonder what that was about?


I found some kind of PR composition/painting. I vaguely remember putting this together for an exhibit at Ceres, NYC. It is some photographs of some of my paintings mapping out something of my life story. It's funny and enlightening. I hope I didn't use it. What an ego I have to put this together. Of course, editing lends the sense of story. Artists do paint themselves but this is positively brash!

The glue I used to attach the paper pictures has turned brown and has given up adhesion so I know it wasn't gel medium. I wonder what it was. I suspect a glue stick.

This spotty photograph is from a painting of the old home in Austin, TX.

This drawing is from a comic book story I drew and wrote. The brown spots really show up. This is about 20 years old.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hm-m-m. Squares are much bigger than rectangles. More than is revealed in the math.

THINKING was 48" x 48" or 2,304 square inches, painted in 2006.

 I took it off the stretcher bars so I now have 4 stretcher bars, 48" long in good shape. Then started editing, so to speak, with mat knife, glue and extraneous art supplies.

 I now have 3 paintings glued to canvasboard; 20" x 16" or 320 square inches called CUBIST FIGURE,

 11" x 14" or 154 square inches called HORIZON

 and 18" x 14" or 252 square inches called ANGEL,

 plus 10 small matted paintings and 62 bookmarks....or something, pieces.

 So one painting became 13 paintings plus.