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Sunday, October 30, 2016


In art class, so many of the youngsters are profoundly influenced by comic book illustration. Aspire to related careers. Why? It is the source of their exposure to visual art in the hinterlands? or relatable? or ubiquitous? Words and music? oops. Words and pictures. Stories? Narrative. I vote for a question of exposure, opportunity. It is a specific effort to go to a gallery or museum. Narrative art is not fashionable today. One way or another, I'm a story teller.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Allan Bamberger has an article posted on art business website.

I read over it plus looked at some videos on line about business. Mostly thinking about finding homes for some of these artifacts, mythologies and visual poems. What a job! Modern art marketplace is time consuming. I like the thinking part. And I like when I get a few statements and thoughts organized. But It is time consuming!!

I decorated a vinyl record for a fund raiser for the SIMS Foundation during the E.A.S.T. art festival in November. SIMS does mental/emotional health for musicians. A good organization.


Saturday, October 8, 2016


This is taking me way too long! I'm reading GEOGRAPHY OF GENIUS which has some observations about challenge being good for humans. That difficulties inspire or stimulate humans. We are contrary beasts! So-o-o this tiny change in my style is more difficult than it should be. Did I get comfortable? Isolated? Conceited?

Here is the new battleground I am dancing.

It is close to finished. I think. Maybe. It needs a name.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


 At an artist talk, I discovered that Andy Warhol gets credit for the sculpture joke. "What's the definition of a sculpture? It is something you fall over in a museum when you back up to look at a painting." I thought that comment was older than Warhol. I suspect some people get credit because of situation - who one is with, where.

I am fooling around with solid field and illusion imagery more and more. Mixing it up. I don't know why but I best think of something.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON, 16" x 20", acrylic