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Sunday, April 23, 2017


The new wishbones painting IN PROGRESS reflects people. Are they dancing or is it battle?


Saturday, April 22, 2017


Two more butterflies painted on pieces of wood finished today. Not varnished yet. This is a digression or play while I work on the bigger painting. 


 This makes 30 painted wood pieces.

The big painting doesn't have butterflies. It is bees, flowers, sky, clouds and wishbones. The wishbones have that look of people.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I entered a competition in Philadelphia via internet. I think just to get out of Texas.

This one and three others.

Artist statement for the event is for a different painting, for SUN WITNESSES.
 - "Ruins of civilizations are behind a grid of wild sunflowers, birds; wild things that don’t need humans. Vast expanses of a peculiar desolation still holds remnants familiar and not. I was thinking that if some water and land persists, the remains of the human footprint will be ancient, broken, stone buildings and broad expanses of contamination."

 I submitted the wrong resume also. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017


 Here's my storage closet.

Not just my art work but also by friends and family need storage in this closet. 

                                   Here's some work stacked in two hallways.

This is the hallway by the front door.

 Below is the hallway near the closet leading to the back bedroom.

Here is the closet all filled. 

Hallways emptied. I'm not that good at spatial perception - except when packing rectangles (paintings).


MONARCH, 6" x 6" (x 2") acrylic on canvas
It is done, finished, tuned up.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


So the green shape is changed to some energy.

I still want to glaze and perk up the shapes, depth and colors. Alizarin crimson glaze over the background.

Maybe some kind of blue all over plus some yellow on the green dancing blob.

I do like the tilted cube shape.


This composition is still changing.

 I took out the figure.

Now I think I will change the green spot. Make it look more like the swishy texture of the figure's pants. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017


 Five paintings of the progression of the bloom on the Amaryllis were varnished.

 I don't varnish my acrylics because I am suspicious of the claims that acrylic varnish is "removable". So I don't varnish....and the painting get dirty.

 Argh! I don't know. So these five little paintings, I varnished.
No.1) I don't like the look. Too shiny.
No. 2) I often paint over old paintings. Paint doesn't stick well over varnish.

 This painting of 
the dead Amaryllis, I painted over.
First I sanded it. Then wiped with
vinegar. Then took it outside and
wiped with the deadly acetone.
That FINALLY took the shine off.

This is in progress, almost done. So far, it's working. I did paint 3 coats of gesso over the old paint. Over the acetone-d, sanded surface. The paint is sticking. So far.