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Sunday, April 2, 2017


 Five paintings of the progression of the bloom on the Amaryllis were varnished.

 I don't varnish my acrylics because I am suspicious of the claims that acrylic varnish is "removable". So I don't varnish....and the painting get dirty.

 Argh! I don't know. So these five little paintings, I varnished.
No.1) I don't like the look. Too shiny.
No. 2) I often paint over old paintings. Paint doesn't stick well over varnish.

 This painting of 
the dead Amaryllis, I painted over.
First I sanded it. Then wiped with
vinegar. Then took it outside and
wiped with the deadly acetone.
That FINALLY took the shine off.

This is in progress, almost done. So far, it's working. I did paint 3 coats of gesso over the old paint. Over the acetone-d, sanded surface. The paint is sticking. So far.

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