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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Here is the new Golden Cheek Warbler photograph. Looks different on my computer. I got cards made from this.
Reproduction of paint to ink on paper is a mystery.


 For E.A.S.T., some toys! Refrigerator Magnets. I cut up a slab of magnet that was intended for some kind of therapy. The pieces I got weren't square, no 90 degree angles so my magnets  are a variety of shapes and sizes. About 2" or 3", in that neighborhood. The paint kept scratching so I varnished them too. That was messy but Texas weather allows outdoor activities.

Doves in Flight


Grackle Struts

Grackle Perched

White Wing Dove Flies

Saturday, October 17, 2015


AIDS VIRUS SHEDS PARTICLES ON T-CELL, 40“ x 29 ¾”, acrylic on canvas, shown at Art Lab (unfinished) then re-worked and completed July 1997; exh ACC CYP Fall 2015.

The TV was not in the original version. I exhibited it but the painting just wasn't right. Then my TV quit working and I got this brilliant idea of a broken TV in the painting to suggest a back story, human whatever. I found a golf club and broke the picture tube to see what it would look like. Very bad idea. Do Not ever smash a TV picture tube in a small apartment. Guess what. It's a vacuum. It exploded. I was cleaning up tiny glass shards for three days plus I had to wash clothes, towels, et al. Not to mention picking tiny glass shards out of my skin. I had my glasses on so I wasn't blinded. 

However the broken TV image definitely improved the painting

I pulled this painting out of storage last summer intending to paint over it. The stretcher bars are wonderful, hand-made (notice the odd size), Prime Douglas Fir. Lightweight and strong. But it looked pretty good. I asked Linda Haywood, Campus Manager at ACC Cypress Campus and she graciously allowed me to exhibit it this Fall Semester in their Hallway Gallery. I will bring it home in December. I will decide at that time whether or not to paint it out.

It has been lovely to have it out in the world. 

I do lust after those stretcher bars. Rolling it up is such a job. I don't mind stretching a new canvas. It's the rolling up part. I know. Lazy. Then I will just have another rolled up painting.
I'll think about it.