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Saturday, October 17, 2015


AIDS VIRUS SHEDS PARTICLES ON T-CELL, 40“ x 29 ¾”, acrylic on canvas, shown at Art Lab (unfinished) then re-worked and completed July 1997; exh ACC CYP Fall 2015.

The TV was not in the original version. I exhibited it but the painting just wasn't right. Then my TV quit working and I got this brilliant idea of a broken TV in the painting to suggest a back story, human whatever. I found a golf club and broke the picture tube to see what it would look like. Very bad idea. Do Not ever smash a TV picture tube in a small apartment. Guess what. It's a vacuum. It exploded. I was cleaning up tiny glass shards for three days plus I had to wash clothes, towels, et al. Not to mention picking tiny glass shards out of my skin. I had my glasses on so I wasn't blinded. 

However the broken TV image definitely improved the painting

I pulled this painting out of storage last summer intending to paint over it. The stretcher bars are wonderful, hand-made (notice the odd size), Prime Douglas Fir. Lightweight and strong. But it looked pretty good. I asked Linda Haywood, Campus Manager at ACC Cypress Campus and she graciously allowed me to exhibit it this Fall Semester in their Hallway Gallery. I will bring it home in December. I will decide at that time whether or not to paint it out.

It has been lovely to have it out in the world. 

I do lust after those stretcher bars. Rolling it up is such a job. I don't mind stretching a new canvas. It's the rolling up part. I know. Lazy. Then I will just have another rolled up painting.
I'll think about it. 

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