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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hm-m-m. Squares are much bigger than rectangles. More than is revealed in the math.

THINKING was 48" x 48" or 2,304 square inches, painted in 2006.

 I took it off the stretcher bars so I now have 4 stretcher bars, 48" long in good shape. Then started editing, so to speak, with mat knife, glue and extraneous art supplies.

 I now have 3 paintings glued to canvasboard; 20" x 16" or 320 square inches called CUBIST FIGURE,

 11" x 14" or 154 square inches called HORIZON

 and 18" x 14" or 252 square inches called ANGEL,

 plus 10 small matted paintings and 62 bookmarks....or something, pieces.

 So one painting became 13 paintings plus. 

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