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Monday, December 19, 2016


“Superfetation is the onset of a subsequent pregnancy during an ongoing pregnancy;…” Scientific American, April 27, 2011,  Khalil A. Cassimally

That’s mind boggling!

Anne Bynum in Arkansas had such a pregnancy in 2015. She is doing 6 years in prison. Long story.
She’s different, not “normal”. This is a nutty country we live in. I chose her case as my subject for the WOMEN UNDER SIEGE exhibit at Ceres. I painted the painting last spring, 2016, when I felt that my nation, the good ol’ USA, was really getting better. We were embracing human rights, equal treatment under the law. All sorts of promise! 

Now, the new leadership poised to take over in a month or so, looks like a blast from the past. Not in a good way. Xenophobia run amok. Isolation and bluster. Testosterone politics. Compassion need not apply.

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