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Friday, December 29, 2017


Un-stretching a painting, entitled BIRTH, that dates from 1984, I discovered black mold underneath the stretcher bars along one edge. The plan was to roll up the painting for safe storage. I knew it had spent some years stored in a laundry room. The imagery is hard to look at. This is an homage to the trauma and excitement of giving birth, to becoming a mom. I do love this painting. It is (was) hard to look at.
 BUT Black Mold!! OH NO! 
So rather than risk spreading the nasty fungus, contaminating other paintings in the closet I had to cut it up. Oh heavy heart, I will save bits. Make collages, bookmarks or some such from the pieces.

But I can't find a photograph of this painting. "Documentation is more important than the actual event, object." I have observed that many times, in many ways. So I photographed it with my cell phone and with my digital camera, both at 72 dpi. It was a perfect day for a photograph, high clouds, lightly overcast mid winter sun. The digital camera took a photo with color closer to the painting.  The cell phone photograph has a lovely palette but not mine.

Good-bye BIRTH. You did stir the pot!

BIRTH  1984

BIRTH   1984

This one is with a camera, warmer palette. 

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