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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I watched VAN GOGH, BRUSH WITH GENIUS yesterday. Stunning. It would be good to see it on a big screen. It is only about 40 minutes long. Concise, like poetry, or a good artwork. Now I do believe the man died of a broken heart. It makes sense. I start a painting and it is grand, exhilarating and frightening. When I finish a painting I experience a deep sadness, a let down and relief. Vincent painted 80 paintings in the last 2 months of his life. Tha's quite an emotional roller coaster!

Self Portrait 1889 Vincent Van Gogh

 I've started a new self portrait today. The last one I can find of myself is years old.

Self Portrait 2012 Melanie Hickerson
 I resolved years ago to paint at least one self-portrait every year. I've missed a few.

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