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Monday, May 9, 2016


I went to CLAUDIA REESE's studio yesterday as part of the Art of the Pot Tour and Studio Sale. A bit of rain plus my fatigue from grading end of semester work dampened my ambition to see real art on Mother's Day.
Austin Icon Plate #2


It was a grand treat to visit Claudia's domain, which is an art park and an architectural wonder in itself.

CAROL IVEY was a guest at that locale. It was absolutely joyous to see her and her art work visiting from Ft. Worth. Carol has an art history in Austin. Her paintings are full of awe and light.

After Claudia's location, the grocery store and then home was all I managed yesterday. I missed the other three locations on the tour. Seeing artists' studios is a treat but there is a lot to be said for gallery spaces. Centrally located art viewing.

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