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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


               Trying to organize MY storage means also to face up to decent storage of my Mom’s art work, Geraldine Clark Hickerson’s art work. Her work had been poorly cared for. These are stuck around my house. I’m vacuuming, wiping away dirt and putting backs on canvases. Then wrapping them for storage. A few will hang in her room at my house.

oh NO! Mold on AMSTERDAM

              The dreaded black mold has attacked two of Geraldine’s paintings. I’ve decided to cut off the mold and save the rest. How? Restretch on new stretcher bars is one possibility. Or I might just roll them up, paint side out, covered with glassine and wrap in an old sheet.
               But first, cut off the mold and see what I have. That’s what I’m up to. Luckily, I am in sunny Texas. Sunlight kills the mold but does not remove their dead bodies. Plus I don’t trust the sunlight to kill every single one of those nasty spores. Surgery.

AMSTERDAM all trimmed
 AMSTERDAM is trimmed but not cleaned and not stablilized on new stretchers.

Blue Horses on picnic table

               When the Blue Horses came to my house in March of 2015, I removed the rotting canvas and stapled it over one of my paintings (I didn’t like all that much, unresolved, an idea not hatching well) as a temporary storage.
Blue Horses stapled my painting.

This is my painting that was covered by Blue Horses.

 Now I’m trimming to see what I have. It is a different size now. Oops.

               Both paintings are still dirty. Wiping off the loose dirt is next.

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