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Thursday, February 25, 2016


This painting I had totally forgotten. The dates on it are 1994 and 1996. What a surprise! So different from my memory of it. It was tightly rolled up but the surface shows no cracking. Acrylic paint really is more rubbery than oils. As I recall, I quit messing with it because I gave up on it. I took it off the stretcher bars so I could use them. I like it now! Wow!
SELF 60" x 22"

 Now to restretch it. That is a job! If I hated it in 1996 and love it now, can I claim "2016" as the execution date? Twenty years to grow on me. I was in NYC at this time. The joined hands, under water is about friendship. The gun, enemies and the sand dunes are from memories of west Texas, Monahans, really.

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