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Sunday, October 19, 2014


 An amazing artwork that is 46 feet long and 12 feet wide.

I have decided that I am going to sell the property in Bastrop County where this structure is stored.

Mom's trailer house is no longer a mobile home. It is an artwork. It is 12 feet by 46 feet. A reliable friend came out and looked at it. He said that the floors (and ceiling) are in good shape. It's the walls or rather the corners where the walls meet the horizantals that are weak. That has been my observation. The doors are no good. So for moving, the only real option would be to put it on a flat bed semi trailer, reinforce somehow...box it.

It is disorienting to walk into this structure. It takes a moment to discern space. Many of these photographs were taken in 2008.  Ms Geraldine Hickerson (my mother) didn’t have the money to maintain the "physical plant" very well. She used paper mache’ for repairs. She painted the walls, the ceiling, the stove, refrigerator, bath tub, toilet, tables, chairs in acrylic paint interpreting famous works of art and inventing her own compositions.

The roof is in good shape.

It was moved to Paige TX  in February 1999 from Oltorf, Austin TX, where Geraldine Hickerson occupied it from about 1982.  It has not been hooked up to utilities since 1999. My brother Russell, gave the mobile home to Ms Hickerson. He bought it second hand. He had used it as station house/office at a brine well in West Texas.

It would be a great service to Mankind to preserve the artwork or at least some portion of it. I do not have the money to preserve or dismantle it.

 These are some exterior photos.

Do you have any ideas?

My brother posted this link about painting the walls.


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