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Sunday, October 5, 2014


This last week I got the booklet which I designed for the November exhibit back from the printer.
It is a disaster. I did Not ask to see a proof before it was printed. Some of the photographs of the paintings are really, really awful in the booklet.The printer could have noticed that some of the photographs printed terribly and contacted me. I could have fixed it. I expected some craftsmanship from Abbey Printers because they have done good work for my friend, Joe Sosa.

REMEMBER!! Always see a proof FIRST!

                                                  DAWN, 24x36”, acrylic on canvas, 2013

Geraldine died after a fall. She often forgot that she couldn’t walk and would try. The staff at RNC and AustinHospice were very kind throughout this experience.

LIFE , acrylic on canvas, 30” X 40”, 2014

Geraldine lived a life of style and adventure.


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