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Monday, June 26, 2017


I forget how much trouble....no...how long it takes to paint. What is this thing? An object of thought? I suspect too much thinking but it is fun, so fun, to mix and push. Pull up a shape. Natural world as teacher is very busy.

 This is the painting as it is going along. I think the sand dunes are done plus the "Japanese fire" which is really just a pink flat field in the middle of an illusion. Of 3D space on a static 2D surface trick then the flatness smacking up against the viewer, sort of. A curtain? A repoussoire, so to speak.

PLUS I've learned to put a layer with my name on the images! I sort of knew but there was one click I was missing.
flowers going great.
  The flowers are next to add 
to the painting. I am so old fashioned!

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