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Saturday, June 25, 2016


This painting's stretcher bars were warped. I noticed it when I exhibited it at ACC Cypress Campus this last Spring. It is old and has had a storied life already. It has some nice passages so destruction or conversion into book markers didn't seem appropriate. At least, not yet. I took it off the stretcher bars today and rolled it up for storage. 


Here are a couple of details from the painting.

This a piece of PVC is 57" long. After I found it in a trash pile, I washed it, left in the sun to dry. This piece of 3/4" cardboard makes my table big enough for the operation. The small tube on the left is a roll of 48" wide glassine.
Then I put the painting face down on glassine, taped together to make a big enough piece.

 Pulled out the staples, removed the stretcher bars and rolled it with the glassine around the PVC.

A lovely flower peeking out through the glassine. Next I'll wrap well in good ol' brown paper and put in the storage closet.

I'm glad this painting has a shot at resurrection someday. Might not, but you never know.

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