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Monday, August 17, 2015


Mom loved to go watch the grackles flock for the night. We would find a location then at sunset or so, drive there and watch the raucous thousands descending on some poor shopping center. The roar and the acrobatic ballet, seemingly perfectly choreographed. In her growing dementia, she took joy in spotting birds by the roadside or in our yard. When she moved to the nursing home, my brother Riley installed two feeders outside her window which I fed daily. Mom's gone but I still feed the birds at the nursing home. Residents and staff wave and greet me. The sky dancers magically riding the wind, landing and leaving on telepathic cues. 
GOLDEN CHEEK WARBLER, 22" x 28", acrylic on canvas

GRACKLE, SUNFLOWER, BEES 4" x 4", acrylic on canvas

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