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Sunday, November 15, 2020


I am so proud to be part of this virtual tour but it is strange. A virtual art exhibit and tour! Here are some paintings from my living room. I plan a Zoom tour sometime this coming week-end. Probably Nov. 15, Sunday.

This painting is a memory painting - sledding in north Texas. I'm wrapped up, warm against the cold. Snow Angel courtesy of cousins.

This is a painting of a wash near Bastrop, Texas. It really is experimenting with a texture on a canvas and practicing from some drawings and watercolors done plein aire (outdoors) near my sister's house.

This was done after my visit to New York City then the butterflies came through in great numbers and I was thinking about migrants. The monarchs from Mexico and our Statue of Liberty from France.

From a demo for my online drawing class, demonstrating how to take rubbings from various objects to get texture and add "happy accidents", to add emotion to artworks. That led to this painting of George Floyd about something so horrific and complicated that it is difficult to express in words. Here is a link about making the drawing for this artwork.



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